WOW before the vow

Design your own wedding in a way that feels authentic and personal to you

Do you want to create a relaxed and beautiful wedding?

You have browsed through blogs and Pinterest boards trying to get a grasp of what it is exactly that you need to be doing because you've heard those wedding planning stress stories. The more you look, the more information you find and the more you feel like you'll end up like some crazy bridezilla, even though you know you just want to have a small and intimate wedding.

You went looking for tools and checklists and maybe even wedding planning software, but the hundred bullet points of things you need to do are not really convincing you that this time will be anything but stressful.

When you browse through blogs and magazines, you're starting to realise that your wedding doesn't just need to be planned but it also needs to be designed. There are so many examples out there of weddings that look so beautiful and you're not sure if that added pressure is meant to make you more or less stressed about the whole thing...

Planning your wedding does not have to be the stressful experience some people make it out to be though!

Before you start working on your planning, there is one thing that will make all the other choices that are coming your way a lot easier, a clear direction.

When you know what it is exactly that you want to create, when you know what you want your wedding to be like and look like and feel like, booking those vendors and finding the perfect venue for your wedding will become so much easier.


Let's start this adventure together...

and create a wedding experience together with your partner.

In WOW before the vow*, we are starting from the one thing that should be central to every wedding: you... Your story, your journey, your natural style, and you get to compare your results with each other along the way!

And let's not forget that you are not in this alone. You have chosen someone incredible to walk by your side and juggle ideas with, someone to help you make decisions, someone to keep you sane in the next few weeks or months.

WOW before the vow is meant to be a team-effort. After all, your wedding is just the very first step in building a beautiful marriage...

So grab yourselves a gin & tonic and get started!

*Name courtesy of Sarah Eggers

Get started now!

So what will you get exactly?

I'm glad you asked!

This course is spaced out over 4 weeks to make it more easily digestible, and to make sure you don't get overwhelmed when you first dive in. Inside each weekly module, you can find video trainings walking you through that week's contents and a handy workbook.


  • Weekly video trainings to walk you through how to create a wedding experience for you & your guests
  • How to translate this experience to your wedding styling
  • Tools & programs to help you keep track of everything
  • Access to any updates and improvements as long as you need them


  • Trello for weddings (Oct '17)
  • How to keep your relationship central while planning your wedding (Oct '17)

Do you feel like something is still missing? Let me know and it might be the next bonus!

How will this help you plan your wedding?

Creating a wedding experience means you are thinking about what you want your wedding day to be like. Having that clear direction of what you are working towards will help you when you start working on the rest of your planning.

You will be able to

  • look for a wedding venue that matches your wedding day vision
  • book wedding professionals that match your style and the vibe of your wedding day
  • know exactly which wedding professionals you need and which you don't
  • get a clear view on how much people you can invite to your wedding
  • decide what your wedding budget will be and if your vision fits into your budget
  • beat decision paralysis
  • be less stressful about the whole experience now that you know what's awaiting you at the finish line

Class Curriculum

  Designing a moodboard & creating a wedding design concept
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Creating a wedding experience that fits both you and your guests
Available in days
days after you enroll

Courses Included with Purchase

Trello for weddings
Structure your wedding planning and design with this increasingly popular project management tool
Yana Dirkx

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About The Wed Academy

Being different is so much nicer than being ordinary...

I am a firm advocate of trying things differently and breaking the status quo. Every single person has something beautiful to give to the world and to the people they love: their personality and their unique selves!

So why are we all so afraid to show our true selves?

The Wed Academy was created to help you break through that mindset of following the status quo. I want to help you create a wedding that truly feels and looks like you and the person you love.

Because in the end, the love you have for each other and the path you have taken to get to this day, is what defines you as a couple. And that personal story you have, that's what makes a wedding truly beautiful!

Your Instructor

Yana Dirkx
Yana Dirkx

I've always been quite strategic about my future. When I was 16, I analysed possible future jobs and decided that I needed to become a wedding planner. As a result, I have been researching the wedding industry for about 10 years now.

I started my first wedding business when I was 21 while still in University. In one year, I graduated as a Master's in Communication Sciences, obtained degrees in Graphic Design and Wedding Planning, had a student job and learned the ropes of running my own business.

After a few years of focusing on wedding planning, I started looking for a way to better combine my analytical mind and creative skills. Enter The Wedding Boutique, a small boutique wedding design company that helps young bridal couples like yourselves to create a unique and personal wedding experience.

Some facts about me

  • Almost 9 years ago, I met the love of my life
  • We live in a nice apartment with our (newly adopted) cat Wolf
  • Family means the world to me
  • I love to travel and see the small wonders of life
  • I ❤ my coffee with lots of milk and preferably some hazelnut syrup
  • You can brighten my day with good food or a good book (too bad that first one is not as healthy as the second)

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm all ready to get started. What do I do now?
Simply click enroll anywhere on this page, make your account (or sign in if you are already using Teachable), and that’s it! You're in!
I've never taken a course before. How does this work?
This course is scheduled in 4 weeks to make it more easily digestible, and to make sure you don't get overwhelmed when you first dive in. Therefore, you will receive access to the next module every week, allowing you some time in between to think things through and work on that week's contents. Inside each weekly module, you can find video trainings walking you through that week's contents. In each module there is also a handy workbook included that guides you and your partner through the different things you need to be working on that week. There is no starting or ending date for this course, you simply get access to the first module as soon as you enroll and you will have access to all modules until the end of your days. And if you have any questions along the way, I am here to guide you.
Why are you giving this all away for free when you could be charging for it?
I still remember what it was like for me when I started looking into weddingplanning as a possible future job option. I remember how hard it was to find really valuable content of people who were experienced in this field, and I remember thinking there had to be another way. So even though I know the information I share in this course is incredibly valuable, my first and foremost purpose is helping bridal couples like you who are struggling to get started with planning their wedding because it's so overwhelming, and I want to guide you through in the best way I can.
What if I don't like it?
I would never want you to be unhappy or unsatisfied when working with me! Please email me at [email protected] with your feedback. I continuously work on improving all of my services and this course is no exception, even though it's free. You will not only be helping me create better content, you will also help those who come after you to have a better experience.
What if I get stuck while I'm working through the course?
Even when you're a genius planner & designer, working through something for the very first time can be confusing sometimes. If you get stuck somewhere, you can always reach out to me, explain where you're stuck and why, and I will walk you through the next steps so you can start rocking your planning again. My contact details will be sent to you upon enrolment.
What if I still need help when the course is over?
On top of my programs, I have some 1:1 (or should I say 2:1) options to work with me. If you feel like you could use some more help working things through, schedule a complementary meeting with me on bit.ly/TWBfirstmeeting (case sensitive), tell me your story and situation and I will let you know what your additional options are.